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A commitment against oppression is a serious promise made by a person (to the counselor, to "nears and dears", to reality, to "God", etc.) to reject the stereotypes and patterns of behavior which constitute the main content of the oppression of particular groups of people in existing societies.

We use commitments in session by encouraging the person whose turn it is to be the client, to “practice” the commitment aloud, many times, each time stating the implications that would follow from keeping the commitment. This often leads to emotional release (discharge), and to healing from the effects of these stereotypes. The client is released from the commitment at the end of the session.  When the client is ready, they make a permanent commitment.

Climate Action March in Adelaide, South Australia. Photo by Jackie Broadbent


I solemnly (fiercely, cheerfully) promise that, from this moment on, I will never again settle for anything less than absolutely everything.


I promise that, from this moment on, I will be proud to be male, and will seek closeness and brotherhood with every other man of every age, race, nation, and class.

I will permit no slandering or disrespect or blaming of any man for the hurts which have been placed upon him, and I will seek to restore safety to all men to discharge these cruel hurts.

I will fight to end and eliminate the burdening of men with over-fatigue, over-responsibility, and coercion into armed service in which we have been brutalized and forced to kill or be killed.

I will cherish my birthright of being a good, intelligent, courageous, and powerful male human.


Against Racism

I resent and will fiercely oppose racism's crippling limits to the progress of my beloved human race. Always keeping in mind my proud heritage of fighting oppression, and wanting to enrich my present and future, I will engage and join with others to smash racism so that we all may live in a free world.

Persons of Mixed Heritage

Recognizing that we are the people of the future, and that every one of our cultures and our heritages is valuable and to be re-spected and appreciated, we proudly proclaim ourselves to be 100% universal humans, and we invite all human beings to join us in this claim.

People of African Hertiage

For the complete liberation of my beautiful, wise, strong, and courageous black people, I solemnly promise I will always remember our/my own goodness and strength. I will fight against every division that tends to separate us from each other and from other people. I will settle for nothing less than complete liberation, complete equality, complete opportunity, and complete respect for everyone.


In total respect for the beauty, generosity, and wisdom of my people, I cheerfully promise that I will cherish my culture and language, their diversity and unity, and remember how delightful and important we are to all human beings and that the world is a safe place for me to be my full human self.


For the long-range survival of my people, I solemnly promise that, from this moment on, I will treat every person I meet as if she or he were eager to be my warm, close, dependable friend and ally, under all conditions.

Raised Poor

I am a bold and brilliant thinker. I can change the world. I refuse to settle for anything less than complete liberation of my mind and the minds of all people from the effects of classism. I will expect and reach for complete respect, complete equality, and complete closeness, and I will take complete responsibility for seeing that all human beings get treated well.

Raised Poor

I solemnly promise to always remember it was never my/our fault that I/we was/were born into a society which uses poverty to perpetuate the oppression of all people. We are the majority and the natural leaders of the entire world. I promise to remember my/our goodness, strength, and intelligence. I will settle for nothing less than complete respect and complete opportunity for everyone. Furthermore, I will personally see to it.

Working Class

I solemnly promise that, from this moment on, I will take pride in the intelligence, strength, endurance, and goodness of working-class people everywhere.

I will remember to be proud that we do the world's work, that we produce the world's wealth, that we belong to the only class with a future, that our class will end all oppression.

I will unite with all my fellow workers everywhere around the world to lead all people to a rational, peaceful society.
I am a worker, proud to be a worker, and the future is in my hands.

Middle Class

I cheerfully promise from now on to stand proudly visible, to be my true self without caution or pretense, to work for the unity and liberation of all working people, and never to be quiet again.

Owning Class

I promise always to remember that I and my people are completely good, and I never need pretend again. No matter how frightening it feels I will give up the control of wealth and the justification for it. And I will come home and humbly take my own place with working-class people in setting the world completely to right.

Owning Class

I promise that, from this momont on, I will refuse to feel guilty or accept blame or isolation for the class position into which my birth or other events placed me, but will instead take full pride in my complete humanness.

I will recognize and remember my close ties to all human beings. I will treasure and appreciate the favorable factors in by background which allowed me to keep much of my humanness and abilities intact and functioning.

I pledge that this humanness and these abilities and advantages will be used, with zest and joy, for the complete liberation of every human being from every oppression.

Young People

I solemnly promise that, from this moment on, I will never again treat any young person, including myself, with anything less than complete respect.

Young Adults

I joyfully promise, from this moment on, to never give up my dreams and goals. I choose to remember always that the whole world is mine, and I need never be alone in figuring it out and making it just right.


I promise to remember always that I am a good parent, that I always have done the best I could, that I have passed on to my children as few of the hurts that I endured as a child as I could possibly manage, and that someday I'll get a little rest.


I am a good parent. I love my child/ren. From this moment on, I will relish my excellence as a mother/father, enjoy my precious, resilient child/ren, and discharge my every regret. I hold myself and my fellow parents blameless for the struggles we still face due to our heavy oppression. I am proud of the goodness and commitment of all parents, and am proud of the vital work we do. As a mother/father, I will remember that there will be time to pursue every goal that is dear to my heart.


I promise that I will never die, that I will never slow down, and that I will have more fun than ever.


I promise that from this moment on, I will live my life with unabashed delight and confidence, using my full wisdom, creativity, love, and energy to ensure that the world around me proceeds exactly the way I want it to and en-vi-sion that it can. I will do this by inviting and encouraging others to join with me, think with me, and act in all of our best interests. As a basis for living this fully, I will pay loving and thoughtful attention to the needs of my body, mind, heart and soul, and welcome other people’s love and attention when it is freely given. I will respect and honor other elders and never permit anyone, including myself, to invalidate or stereotype elders again.

Allies to Elders

I promise that from this moment on I will invite, encourage, and expect elders to live their lives with unabashed delight and confidence, using their full wisdom, creativity, love, and energy to ensure that the world around them proceeds exactly as they want it to and envision that it can. I will also encourage them to take loving and thoughtful care of themselves and to make and maintain strong relationships with others based on mutual attention, interest, and affection. I will never again permit anyone to invalidate or stereotype elders. To this end, I will persist in inviting them to notice what is good in the present moment, what their strengths and contributions are, and how deserving they are of my love and attention, as well as the love and attention of others. To assist them in attaining and maintaining a full and vigorous life, I will listen lovingly, respectfully, and attentively to past and present experiences, triumphs, hurts, and disappointments, encourage them to notice and discharge their feelings, and invite them to think about how the world should proceed, how they can be effective in making the world right, and what help they need from me and others to move things along.


Because I am good, and belong, like every other woman, at the center of all matters, I promise never again to accept any limits on my loving, my relationships, or my abilities. I am completely good, I am fully feminine, I am a lesbian.

Gay Men

Beloved brothers, because of our supreme importance to the world now and forever, I promise to always remember that my love is good and my manhood is complete and without limits.

Against Money Distress

I will do everything necessary to arrange ample funding for all my projects. I will discharge completely any of my patterns that get in the way, and I will counsel anyone who needs to think differently in order to help me accomplish this. I promise that I will never again let money stand in the way of accomplishing my goals.

World Changers

I have chosen the responsibility to change society, but I also choose to be intelligent in the way I do it.
The future needs me, well-rested, well-nourished, and well-exercised. The past is useful as information, but never as a substitute for my own fresh thinking. Mao (or any more recent leader) respected Marx (or any more previous leader), but did his own fresh thinking. I will respect all past thinkers but my thinking will necessarily be more brilliant than theirs because I stand on their shoulders.

If I am not enjoying what I am doing, then there is something wrong with how I am doing it and I will correct it.

Disabled Persons

I cheerfully promise that from now on I will always remember that my body is wonderful and that I am fully human, that I am totally admirable and lovely to be close to, and I will confidently expect to be cherished exactly as I am by all human beings.

Gereformeerde Bevrijding

Ik geloof oprecht dat ik goed ben geboren en gebleven als mens en als gereformeerde. Ik ben heel gewoon en evenveel waard als ieder ander. Ik mag uitrusten zonder dat ik iets heb gepresteerd en tevreden zijn over wat ik doe. Ik beloof dat ik altijd van mezelf zal houden en dat ik nooit zal vergeten dat mijn leven mijzelf toebehoort en dat ik ervan mag genieten. Ik ben gereformeerd en geschapen naar Gods beeld en Zhij zag dat het goed was en dat geldt ook voor mij. Dat betekent __________.

Calvinist Liberation

I sincerely believe that I was born and have remained good, as a human and as a Calvinist. I am just an ordinary person and I am worth just as much as anybody else. I may rest without having achieved a thing and I may be satisfied with the things I do. I promise that I will always love myself and that I will never forget that my life belongs to me and that I may enjoy it. I am a Calvinist, created after the image of God, and S/He saw that it was good and this also applies to me. This will mean ________.


I pledge to never again demean or apologize for myself, my family, or my church for being Catholic, but to esteem them all as beloveds of God and all the universe.

"Displaced" Persons

We have endured loneliness and exile and have survived. We have struggled to keep our roots in the culture of our homeland. We have tried to be excellent guests and win a permanent place in the land of our exile. Now, realizing the common goals and common interests of all humanity, we proclaim ourselves and all other people citizens of our beautiful planet earth, welcome wherever we abide or travel. The world is our home!


From this moment on I will remember that I am completely good and okay and have always been good enough. The universe wanted me and continues to celebrate my existence. I belong everywhere. My birth parents and families always wanted me underneath their distresses and the absence of support from an oppressive society. I have a right to know my origins. I deserve a good, healthy, easy life and can expect loving, healthy, lasting relationships. I am powerful, lovable, and loving. I am not alone. My allies are everywhere. It is safe to connect deeply with other humans.

"Mental Health" System Survivor

I decide that, from now on, I will always be proud of myself and all other "mental health" system survivors. I will remember that I can choose the viewpoint on my life experiences and current situation which gives me the most satisfaction. I am the perfect person to lead all people toward liberation. I can take complete charge of my mind and fulfill my wildest dreams.


Les Acadiens

Sous le joug de l'éxil and de l'oppression, avec un coeur plein de confiance, d'espoir and de détermination, je promets de toujours chêrir mon héritage et ma culture. De toujours être fier(ère) d'être acadien(enne) et toujours être fier(ère) de tous les Acadiens où qu'ils soient. D'éxige le respect pour tous les Acadiens de tous les autres peuples et d'offrir le respect en retour à tous les autres peuples, de favoriser la sororité entres tous les francophones du monde. Pour l'unité entre nous où que nous soyons! Pour la fin de l'éxil! Pour une Acadie libre!


Out of exile and oppression with a heart full of faith, hope, and determination, I promise that I will forever cherish my heritage, my language, and my culture, that I will forever be proud that I am an Acadian and forever be proud of all Acadians everywhere, that I shall require respect for Acadians from all other peoples and shall offer respect to all other peoples in return. That I shall advance the sisterhood and alliance of all French speaking people in the world. For unity among us wherever we are! For an end to exile! For a free Acadie!


In total respect for the beauty, generosity, and wisdom of my people, I cheerfully promise that I will cherish my culture and language, their diversity and unity, and remember how delightful and important we are to all human beings and that the world is a safe place for me to be my full human self.

I promise to always remember my power, love and intelligence as an artist, and the vital role that artists have played in every culture and time. I will never again invalidate any artist, including myself, or any work of art, but rather ally myself with all artists to end our economic oppression, and enthusiastically encourage the creativity of every human. 


I promise to always treasure our beautiful land and waters and our vast spaces and thriving cities, and to love every Canadian, celebrating our diversity, our Native hosts, and our anglophone, francophone, and other guests, and remembering our stamina and boldness now and throughout our history. The True North, Strong and Free!


In respect for my beautiful land and the enduring and proud people that inhabit it, I promise that I shall cherish my culture and language, unite my people, and in alliance with all peoples of the world, see that all oppressions are ended.

People of Chinese Heritage

For the liberation of all Chinese people (and there are a lot of us!), I promise to always be proud of my Chinese heritage, to remember my inherent closeness to my family and to all Chinese people, to openly show my love, and to be visible and proud - (pause) - forget being dignified!


If the entire situation is taken into account, we English people have always done the very best that we could. And it wasn't all bad. The future, however, is going to be extraordinarily better. England expects every Co-Counselor, led by the working class, to model rapid re-emergence with full respect and support for every other human.


Knowing that we are at the center of all wide-world matters, we will confidently expect to be welcomed and cherished exact-ly as we are by everyone.

We promise to take pride in the position in which events placed us, the strengths this has given us, and the close ties we have with all people. The world is our home!


In respect for my beautiful land and the enduring and proud people that inhabit it, I promise that I shall cherish my culture and language, unite my people, and, in alliance with all peoples of the world, see that all oppressions are ended.


For the real freedom and unity of my beloved people, I solemnly promise that I will take pride in myself and the Filipino Nation under all conditions. I will work to wipe out the last vestiges of colonialism. I will strengthen the bonds between all Filipino people of whatever religion, language, or background, including the Philippines’ sons and daughters overseas. FOR A UNITED, FREE PHILIPPINES WITHOUT OPPRESSION.

German-Speaking Heritage

I am a German-speaking human. I am inherently fully human in every way. I denounce every wrong that was done or participated in by German-speaking peoples during the Nazi period as I denounce all other instances of oppression in the world. I will wage unceasing battle to eliminate every trace of the pernicious effects of Nazism in German-speaking societies, cultures, and in our relations with each other and with all other peoples of the world. As I carry out this activity, I will be proud. I will be an ally to all peoples of the world. I will be a dependable force to eliminate all oppressions and thus deserve everyone's love, support, and, in particular, my own complete pride in myself.


Gaeilge (Irish version):

Chun spreagadh fadtréimhseach a thabhairt do mo mhuintir chróga agus uaisle, geallaim go lúcháireach, ón nóiméad seo amach, nach n’ísleoidh mé mé féin go deo arís, nó ní ligfidh mé mé féin a bheith íslithe, nó ní ligfidh mé aon Éireannach eile a ísliú ag dhuine ar bith, fiú amháin iad féin, ach seasfaidh mé mar shampla bhródúil d’áilleacht, d’uaisleacht agus do ghaois mo mhuintire iontaí.

English translation:

For the long-range encouragement of my brave and noble people, I joyfully promise that, from this moment on, I will never again demean myself, or permit myself to be demeaned, nor permit any Irish person to be demeaned by anyone, including the person herself or himself, but shall stand as a proud example of the beauty, nobility, and wisdom of my wonderful people.



From now on I will see to it that everything I am in contact with works well. However, remembering that the person and the pattern are completely different and separate, and that the pattern is reinforced and the person is hurt by criticism, I promise that from now on I will never again speak or act critically to, or about, another person, including myself, but instead in every contact with every person I will find and express some appreciation of that person and of myself.


With all my honor, I solemnly promise that from this moment on I will never again be less than fully visible as a proud, strong, beautiful, and dignified Japanese-American. Hi!


For the long-range survival of my people, I solemnly promise that, from this moment on, I will treat every person I meet as if she or he were eager to be my warm, close, dependable friend and ally, under all conditions.

Native People

I promise never to forget that as a Native person I belong to this earth and my very special gifts are needed here, that all beings in Creation are my relatives and cherish me as I cherish them, that my people have survived and will survive all attempts to exterminate us, that we are strong and wise and loving, and we will show our children and the rest of the world how to live in love and harmony and care for the earth and all creatures without ever losing our sense of humor.

North England

We northern English were colonised. We have been forced, for our survival, to oppress other folk in the name of English freedom and superiority. We resisted. We kept our pride and identity. Now, led by the working class, we can win the freedom of the North, for which to lead the liberation of all England.


From this moment on, I will treat all Poles, starting with myself, as intelligent, creative, and loving. I promise to remember that Poland is the center of the European culture, and I will take a significant part in its bright future.

Les Québécois

Pour moi, pour mon peuple, et pour mon beau pays je permets solennelement de toujours être fier(ère) de ma langue, de ma culture et de mon héritage, et d'exprimer cette fierté en tout temps. D'éliminer tous les effects de l'oppression intériorisée sur moi-même et sur les autres québécois. De travailler sans relâche à construire l'unité entre les québécois et à établir le respect et l'amitié entre tous les peuples d'Amérique du Nord. Je me souviens! Vive le Québec libre!

For my own sake, and for the sake of my beautiful country and people, I solemnly promise that I will forever express pride in my heritage, my language, my culture, and my nation. I will resist and eliminate all the effects of internalized oppression, upon myself and upon other Québécois and shall work unceasingly for unity among us and for respect and friendship between all the peoples of North America. I will remember! We will be free!


I promise always to remember that my own beautiful Scotland was betrayed, colonized, and impoverished to the present day England. Partly we endured to stay alive. Partly we were occupied and colonized. Partly we were scattered around the world in order not to die. Now, however, our freedom can be redeemed. With the support of the working classes of the neighboring countries, Scotland will be free. I promise to think, plan, and work unceasingly to that end. From now on Scotland will have at least one voice: MINE.

Scottish Owning Class

Bribed, bamboozled, moulded, and manipulated, we have remained 100% Scottish (with English accents). Now every privilege and advantage that was pushed on us will be turned to the support of Scotland's freedom. Head on, working class! We will follow! Whae hae!

South African

I promise to remember to be proud of every tribe and race and its contribution to the history of South Africa, our rich and beautiful land, and our brilliant and promising future. I promise to fight without pause for the elimination of racism, fear, greed, special privilege, and all other oppressive factors from the life of South African peoples and for the achievement of a just South African society based on equality and opportunity, sisterhood and brotherhood of all people living in South Africa. For a united, peaceful, and prosperous South Africa for everyone!
(said in Bushman, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Africaans, and English).

Southern United Stateser

I sincerely promise that, from this moment on, I will never falter in my pride in being a Southerner, in my love for the beautiful Southern land, for the thoughtful courtesy and caring of its people, for their often obscured but always-persisting resistance to oppression, for all our proud heritage and our brilliant future.

I shall never lose sight of the fact that all people of the South are my sisters and brothers, nor allow any slight against any Southern person to go uncorrected, not even if voiced by Southerners themselves. The real South will rise again!


Som en stolt svensk vägrar jag att acceptera några gränser för min kärlek eller för mitt inflytande på världen. Jag kommer att visa fullständig respekt och förvänta mig allt av mina medmänniskor men aldrig låta snällhet eller omtanke om andra hindra mig från at ta de djärvasta initiativ.

As a proud Swede I refuse to accept any limit for my love or my influence on the world. I will show complete respect and expect everything of my fellow human beings but never let kindness or caring about others prevent me from taking the boldest initiative.


From now on I promise that I, in every situation, will remind myself and others in a bold, self-assured, and enthusiastic way about what a special, unique, and unusual human being I am.

United Stateser

For the survival and cleansing and long-range flourishing of my beloved United States, I promise that, from this moment on, I will speak out and act against every injustice, no matter how long-established. I will insist that the ideals and goals which inspired the founding of our country and for which our people have repeatedly striven and fought and sacrificed, shall be lived up to. The United States is my country. I shall forever claim her with pride in her every good quality and with determination to correct any of her past, present, or future wrongs. My United States! With freedom and justice for all!

U.S. Midwestener

I promise that from this moment on I will be proud of the strong cities, beautiful corn fields, lakes, and forests which are my home. I will remember that my people are special and worth every effort it takes to reach them. I will boldly lead all humans from the solid center of my country, firmly trusting my thinking and speaking my mind. The world can depend on my power and intelligence for its survival.


With respect for our proud, courageous, intelligent women and men, and for our beautiful and resourceful country, I promise that from this moment on I will cherish Welsh people in all our diversity of class, colour, language, and dialect. I am Welsh. I will accept no limits to my power, knowing my leadership and Welsh liberation are essential to a free and just world.

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