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The Re-evaluation Counseling Community is committed to the liberation of every oppressed group. These are the understandings that form the basis of our work:


1) Oppression can only arise and operate on the basis of people having been hurt. Any human who has not been hurt would not oppress or accept oppression.


2) Eliminating any oppression completely requires eliminating all oppressions.


3) We use the process of discharge and re-evaluation (emotional release of past hurts and the resulting shift in our perspective) to free each other from emotional scars, including those caused by oppression.


4) We come together to develop programs for liberation to guide our efforts.

The articles here communicate the thinking of the author at the time they were written. All of our thinking and policies evolve.

Please scroll down and select from the topics below, listed alphabetically, for our featured articles on:

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"Commitments" are short statements intended to be used by "the client" in counseling sessions, that defy stereotypes of particular groups who have been targeted by oppression.

These statements often lead to emotional release ("discharge") and help heal us from the emotional scars of oppression.

Basic RC Liberation Theory  


Artists' Liberation


Asian Liberation

See also: Racism, African heritage liberation, Chinese heritage liberation, Korean heritage liberation, Eliminating White Racism


African Heritage Liberation

See also: Racism


Basque Liberation

Care of the Environment


Catholic Liberation


Chicano/a Liberation

Chinese Heritage Liberation

See also: Racism


Class Liberation

See also: Working Class, Middle Class, and Owning Class Liberation


College and University Faculty Liberation


Disability Liberation


Drugs and Alcohol


Educational Change


Elders' Liberation


Eliminating White Racism


Family Work


Frisian Liberation


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Liberation​


Health and Disability


Jewish Liberation


Korean Liberation

See also: Racism


Language Liberation


Lawyers' Liberation


Learning Disabilities




"Mental Health" Liberation


Middle Class Liberation


Musicians' Liberation


National Oppression


Native Liberation


Owning Class Liberation


Pacific Islander and Pilipino/a Liberation


Parents' Liberation


Protestant Liberation


Puerto Rican Liberation



See also: African heritage liberation, Chinese heritage liberation, Korean heritage liberation, Eliminating White Racism


Raised Poor Liberation


South, Central, West Asian Liberation


Southern United States Liberation


Trade Union Activists' Liberation



Wide World Change 


Working Class Liberation


Women's Liberation


Young Adult Liberation


Young People's Liberation

basic theory
Working class liberation
Women's liberation
Young adult liberation
Young people's liberation
African heritage liberation
National oppression
Native Liberation
Owning class liberation
Pacific Islander / pilipino/a liberation
Parents' liberation
Protestant liberation
Puerto Rican Liberation
Raised poor liberation
South, Central, West Asian liberation
Southern US liberation
Trade union activists liberation
Wide world change
Mental Health Liberation
Middle class liberation
Musicians' liberation
Asian liberation
Basque liberation
Care of Environment
Catholic liberation
Chinese heritage liberation
Class liberation
University faculty
Drugs & alcohol
Educational change
Elders' liberation
Eliminating white racism
Family work
Frisian liberation
GLBTQ liberation
Health & Disability
Jewish liberation
Korean liberation
Language liberation
Lawyers' liberation
Learning disabilities
Allie to Young People
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